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Real estate has long been a fundamental asset in any well-rounded investment portfolio; it’s a stable counterpart to cash and equities. With a tendency to perform in excess of the rate of inflation in any given year, real estate is a popular hedge against broader economic trends.

But in many markets people are priced out. How can you take advantage of the high rates of return people are experiencing? By investing in the property before it gets sold to the general public. Get in early by partnering with the developer and enjoy higher rates of return and profit sharing.

Evest Funds offers investors opportunities to some of the best performing markets in Canada, the USA and Mexico. From 120 solar-powered townhomes in Canada’s scenic Okanagan Valley to a tower of luxurious vacation condominiums in Mexico’s popular oceanfront Puerto Vallarta, investors partner with the developer to access below market values for significant returns.


About Evest Funds

Evest Funds provides real estate professionals, investors, and buyers an outstanding opportunity to participate and partner with the development team in projects around North America. When you partner with Evest Funds you receive a higher preferred rate of return.



As a Limited Partnership Investor, you get into the project while the prices are still low. Enjoy a high rate of return and profit sharing, and turn it in to a real estate purchase only if you want. Get your money working for you faster than in a standard real estate pre-sale deal.


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