Evest Funds Inc. provides real estate professionals, investors, and buyers an outstanding opportunity to participate and partner with the developer in world class real estate developments in Canada and Mexico valued at over $50,000,000.

Invest in Real Estate for less by investing in a Limited Partnership for a higher preferred return rate of return and 50% profit sharing.


The best margins in real estate come when you get in on the ground – literally. Buying undeveloped land, developing it, and then selling it to an end-user typically offers the greatest return.

Working with an experienced developer, an investor can become a development insider with many of the benefits but few of the risks. While a developer has the expertise in taking projects from dirt to delivery, investors have the cash needed to make the process happen.

At Evest Funds we have proprietary financial modeling that allows us to create the most profitable and accurate forecasting, ensuring our investment partners get the best rate of return in the market.

For more information in how you can become an investor insider and benefit from the Evest Funds expertise, register today for your free guide to Becoming an Investor Insider.


The Promontory Construction team has assembled industry-leading architects, builders, and suppliers to ensure the highest quality and lowest cost per unit, without compromising on the finished product.

At Evest Funds we understand the true economics of sound construction and building practices in today’s world. Every project is weighed against environmental and economic challenges and where possible, we build the most eco-friendly, sustainable and energy efficient homes we can.


Investors that partners with the developer on the many projects Evest Funds offers, not only receive high rates of return, they have access to some of the most exceptional real estate build in built in Canada, USA, and Mexico for a fraction of the cost.

Have you always wanted a beachfront condo in a tropical destination? Or an eco-friendly home in a gorgeous four seasons mountain town? Be part of something truly inspiring when you partner with Evest Funds.


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