10 Great Reasons to Invest with Us

October 20, 2020
By admin

Here are 10 reasons to invest with confidence.

A SMART ALTERNATIVE Generally, most investors are presented with a limited selection of investment options and Exempt Market investments are not typically offered by traditional financial advisors. Exempt Market dealers offer access to asset types – like real estate – which offer high returns and diversification on a risk-adjusted basis, which can’t always be found in traditional investments.

DIVERSIFYING WITH CONFIDENCE Mutual Funds have always touted the benefit of diversification for investors; however, some portfolios are light on solid assets like real estate and/or the ability to directly develop those assets. Evest Funds offers turnkey options in real estate partnership and development for easy, understandable, and diversified investing.

90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than all industrial investments combined. The wise young person of today invests their money in real estate.

– Andrew Carnegie, Philanthropist & Captain of Industry

REAL ESTATE Real estate has always been the gateway to wealth. For many, their family home may be their sole exposure to real estate as real estate can be difficult to find at the right place, the right time, and at the right price. Our real estate developers have the expertise necessary to identify and build opportunity and Evest Funds provides turnkey packages and strategies to make the benefits of real estate investing open to both smaller scale and major investors

HIGHER TARGETED PREFERRED RETURNS Evest Funds offers targeted returns which are substantial and may be greater than what investors are conditioned to expect. The structure and amount of the preferred returns ensures investors get priority with profit sharing through a unique Investor First program, which is both equitable and generous for investors and developers. This innovative structure encourages developers to stay on schedule and budget for maximum profitability, remarkable returns for limited partnership investors, and provides investors the opportunity to reinvest their profits to see even greater returns, if desired.

FLEXIBLE OPTIONS Evest Funds has structured its offerings with investor flexibility in mind, from limited partnership investing in the development of a real estate project to the pride of ownership of the finished product. Evest Funds limited partnership investors are offered first right of refusal as well as priority offers and discounts to purchase units in a development before it reaches public market. Those fully completed units can be rented out on the owners behalf, sold for a profit upon completion of the entire development, or kept for the owners personal use – the choice is yours.

A TANGIBLE ASSET Can you touch your mutual funds or your shares in public companies? Real estate is as real as anything can be. You can reach out and touch it. You can live in it. It’s one of the basic needs of all people and always will be, which is a reason that real estate will always remain a powerful asset. That need is also part of Evest Funds dedication to building community, with a focus on residential-based projects made for living.

THE LIQUIDITY PARADOX The paradox of liquidity means that while many traditional investments, like stocks, can be quickly converted to cash, it also means that their value is subject to the volatility of the market. During a market upset, such as the early COVID crisis in 2020, many investors saw an immediate and sharp drop in the value of their assets. While liquidity can be important to some investors, wealth preservation and growth is a key factor in longterm financial planning and it’s available through private equity real estate investing.

ALPHA VS BETA All investments contain varying degrees of risk and managed portfolios often underperform their benchmarks. Alpha and beta are two of the key measurements used to evaluate the performance of a stock, fund, or an investment portfolio. Alpha measures how investments perform in comparison to the market index or other broad comparable benchmarks. Beta measures the volatility of an investment and is an indication of its relative risk. Evest Funds offers its investors a user-friendly means of increasing alpha and reducing beta through diversification in real estate, creating a space for secure investment with impressive returns.

PARTNERSHIP Evest Funds offers investors an opportunity to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a partnership that holds Evest Funds accountable to the investor through the Investor First program. It’s an accessible and user-friendly vehicle to access real estate when and where the opportunities arise, with a level of capital investment that is comfortable and achievable for your current and future financial goals.

PRIORITY FOR INVESTORS Investors have prior access, selection and discounts on the properties developed. Limited partnership investors have the opportunity available to convert their investment in the development into a rental-ready investment property or personal home at a preferential discount off the public purchase price on their preferred unit.