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Our Returns Explained

Our Investor First program puts our Investors first - it's that simple.Any smart investor will have questions about the security of an investment prior to making a financial commitment. Our current offering of an 15% targeted annual preferred return can appear...

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Why We Know Limited Partnerships are Better

Limited Partnerships offer many of the benefits associated with individual home ownership; without all the headaches! Why use Limited Partnerships for real estate investments?  Without the burden of management responsibility, liability for debt, or a large cash...

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Who is an Accredited Investor? (In Canada)

Whether you are an Accredited or a Non-Accredited Invest, the options available to you differ.  Many Canadians have accumulated their wealth and achieved financial independence by accessing private equity investments. Private Equity or private real estate investments...

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Phase One of Promontory Kelowna development sells out

Phase One of Promontory Kelowna development sells out As we wrap up sales for Phase One townhouses at Promontory Kelowna, it comes as no surprise to us that local real estate expert Andrew Gaucher predicts the strengthening of Kelowna’s housing market in the coming...

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Vancouver Sun Article: Promontory taps into Okanagan sunshine

Promontory, which is opening its presentation centre on the property on June 19, is a phased development of 120 one-level and stacked townhomes overlooking Dilworth Bluff and Kelowna’s downtown. MICHAEL BERNARD Updated: June 8, 2019 A developer building a townhouse...

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Invest In & Purchase Pre-Sale Real Estate

Earn Interest & Save Here’s an opportunity to invest in as well as save big on the purchase of your home. Traditional pre-sale developments require you to put down 10% to 20% of the purchase price and the development company holds onto your money until the...

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What is This Exempt Market All About?

The Exempt Market describes a portion of Canada’s capital markets where securities are sold without the protections associated with a prospectus (a document providing detailed information about the security and the company offering it). An Exempt Market Dealer is a...

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Retirement Planning – 7 Tips for Late Savers

Since I turned 50, I find myself wondering will I have enough money to retire and enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.  I found some great tips on how to save as I was researching how to line my retirement nest egg. 1.      Take advantage of...

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