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With an advanced investment model, Evest Funds puts the interests of our investors first, by partnering directly with developers through our Investor First Limited Partnership structure. The benefit of Evest Funds opportunities is clear – simple and accessible real estate investing with a preferred rate of return and a shorter term of investment than traditional large-scale real estate ownership.

What is the minimum required to invest?

Evest Funds allows investors to expand their financial portfolio into real estate with a $25,000 minimum investment and offers a preferred rate of return on investment paid to investors first, prior to the developer.

What are Limited Partnerships?

Evest Funds uses a Limited Partnership vehicle for its real estate development projects, which offers many of the benefits often associated with individual ownership, but without the burden of management responsibility, liability for principal debt, or a large individual cash investment. To evidence an individual’s proportion of ownership, each Limited Partner is issued Units in the Limited Partnership, much like the way shares in a company are issued.

When it comes to organizing a direct investment into real estate development, the Limited Partnership structure is the fundamental building block for providing access for investment to individuals, allowing them to partner in creating landmark real estate projects and achieve their targeted return on investment goals.

What is the difference between an accredited and non-accredited investor?

To be considered an Accredited Investor an individual needs to have either $1 million in financial assets (stocks, bonds, GICs, etc.) or $5 million net assets, which can include real estate investments, or have $200,000 in gross annual income. Couples can qualify the same way if their combined income is $300,000 per year. Professionals with financial certification designations can also qualify.

Some offerings are only available to Accredited Investors, depending on the disclosure documentation that is available and qualifying non-accredited investors can invest when an Offering Memorandum document is provided.

How does Evest Funds mitigate risk?

Through the Investor First program, capital is invested into development projects. When a project is sold, the Investor First limited partners will be the first to receive original capital invested and all profits until the preferred return is generated. It is real estate investing made easy and accessible through a preferred payout structure where investors receive their total return before anyone else participates in profits, ensuring the developer’s goals are aligned with the needs of investors.

Evest Funds investments also benefit from phasing projects and achieving pre-sales before construction commencement (in which investors have first option to participate) which allows many of the normal unknowns to be mitigated early during a project.

What is the length of term on investment?

Length of term will vary depending on the development, but your Evest Funds representative can help direct you to the real estate investment opportunity that best suits your financial goals and timelines.

How is my investment with Evest Funds taxed?

A Limited Partnership is attractive for real estate development projects because any income generated is not taxed in the same manner it would be inside a company structure. This allows investors in the Limited Partnership, known as Limited Partners, to avoid double taxation on returns generated by their investment. Also, the Evest Real Estate Trust allows investors to participate through a TFSA or RRSP which eliminates taxation in the year the profit is realized.

How is Evest Funds able to provide these kinds of investment returns?

Our investment strategy is based on three core pillars to ensure the security of our investments and the success of our real estate developments:

  1. Evest Funds will only work with projects that can show a significant return on equity, using an advanced financial modeling strategy created by industry experts with the expertise, technology and experience to identify extraordinary real estate opportunities with compelling value.
  2. Our team of leading industry experts can oversee every facet of each development and our strong alliances within the industry allow us to team up with top contractors and sub-contractors to ensure we deliver quality buildings that are on-time and on-budget.
  3. Evest Funds strategically chooses developments located in strong growth markets, where housing demand outweighs supply, but where prime undeveloped land can still be acquired at prices which allow for maximum rates of return upon development completion.

Do I own a property with Evest Funds?

Your limited partnership investment is not end-product ownership, but a rather financial units in the entire development, much like shares in a company. However, through our Investor First program, our limited partners have first access on our developments with preferential pricing not available to the public.

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