Evest Funds is excited to announce a collection of investment options for our partners, 
now combined into one exciting compilation under our innovative Investor First™ program.

Evest Funds uses a different investment structure compared to other developers when partnering with investors, which puts their interests first. The common industry-wide business model for partnering on development projects is to provide a small, preferred return to investors – or in some cases, no preferred return at all – and then have the developer share in profits before the investors receive their entire return. The Evest Funds model provides investors three primary financial advantages over this standard industry practice.

Early Access

Before the general public, our investors learn about new investment opportunities first!

Preferred Returns

Investors get paid first! 100% of investors return is paid back first, before the developer takes a share of the profits.


Get in first to receive discounts on limited partnership units and wholesale real estate pricing!

The first advantage, and the foundation of Evest Funds’ Investor First™ approach, is that 100% of your returns are paid out first as a preferred return before the developer shares in any profits.

In addition to the preferred return benefit, Investor First™ also gives our investors early discounts on limited partnership units and wholesale purchase discounts on the finished real estate.

Those who invest at the beginning of a new project will enjoy discounted pricing. For example, an investment partner could potentially acquire $100,000 worth of limited partnership units for an initial investment of only $95,000, as is the case currently with our Promontory at Upper Mission project. Click here for the details.

Wholesale real estate prices – similar to Family & Friends offers – are exclusively available through the Investor First™ approach for all Evest Funds investment partners. These discounts, which can equal up to a 5% savings from public price lists on individual projects, are another way for investment partners to maximize their investment value. And every Evest Funds project is designed with the purpose and intent to be at offered at a competitive price point in each respective market, making these projects not only attractive to home buyers, but extraordinary investment properties.

As we announce new milestones with projects and specific opportunities to partner in each phase of our larger developments, we will alert you to these key advantages and highlight exclusive options for additional return, to help you harness these advantages and grow the value of your investment assets.

Please download our brochure that explains our Investor First™ program in detail to learn more about the Evest Funds approach to investing.