McCulloch Lake Resort

Langford Gateway


Naramata, BC

Luxury Chalet Investment

This fee-simple strata lakefront chalet is located in an historical eco-resort, on the Kettle Valley Trail with the backdrop of Myra Canyon. A true find in today’s world.

  • 25 kilometres to Kelowna.
  • Minutes to the base of Big White Ski Resort.
  • Steps away from the unlimited paths of the Kelowna Nordic Ski and Snowshoe Club.
  • 260-hectare lake for play enjoy swimming, canoeing, hiking, boating (max 9.9 hp)
  • A summer and winter anglers’ destination with annually stocked rainbow trout.
  • Surrounded by award-winning wineries.


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Get away from it all, yet be close to everything with access to all season fun. This lakeside chalet has the benefits of a wilderness eco-resort with all modern conveniences

McCulloch Lake Resort will be enjoyed by all ages seeking a pristine wilderness and lake resort experience.

The location and amenities make McCulloch Lake Resort a true all-season destination with visitors arriving year-round to enjoy the many outdoor activities in the area. The award-winning lake is great for swimming, canoeing and is renowned for abundant fishing including ice fishing. Step out your door to hiking trails, mountain biking and cross-country skiing (it’s directly across from BC Cross-Country training centre), snowshoeing, snowmobiling and more. Or just sit back and relax in the quiet tranquility of the forest.

The idyllic McCulloch Lake Resort is just off the famous Kettle Valley Rail Line at the popular Hydraulic Lake, just a few minutes drive from the turn off to Big White Ski Resort and 40 minutes from Kelowna, BC.

Since 1961 there has been a popular fishing and getaway lodge on the site and through conservative, ecologically viable development we aim to reinvigorate this beautiful all-season natural wonderland to attract outdoor enthusiast of all ages with an upgraded lodge and dock, luxury chalets, as well as smaller multi-units and cottages.

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