Langford Gateway


At Evest Funds we have coordinated a land assembly in the growing community of Langford, BC located at a strategic location with one of the lowest buildable costs on Vancouver Island and a pro-density local government, resulting in a high rate of return for our investors.

Investors can participate in Langford’s development future with as little as $25,000 invested and be at the forefront of this exciting land assembly opportunity.

Langford Gateway expects to deliver a targeted preferred return of 18% annualized from the rezoning of the land assembly for investors participating within the first year. Investors can then elect to compound their investment returns by reinvesting in the second and third stages of the proposed development or can opt to be bought out at the end of each phase.

  • Phase One: Land Assembly
    ‘Usable’ buildable land with density is in short supply already, and well-positioned property, even more so. Located at a vital transit point, the proposed land assembly offers easy access to shopping, schools, hospitals, and green spaces.
  • Phase Two: Senior and Multi-Family Housing
    Phase two encompasses building a senior mixed care facility and 55+ housing to meet the growing demand of units outfitted for an aging population. Diversity is key to building a community that attracts the most buyers.
  • Phase Three: Additional Affordable Housing
    The third phase includes housing options for the rental market, first-time buyers and younger families and may include condo units and townhouses.
  • Commercial Space
    Situated in an important transit corridor the 25,000 sq.ft. of allocated commercial space will provide amenities for residents in the proposed Langford Gateway, as well as capturing the built-in customer base for the resulting businesses.


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