Invest In & Purchase Pre-Sale Real Estate

October 24, 2018
By admin

Earn Interest & Save

Here’s an opportunity to invest in as well as save big on the purchase of your home.

Traditional pre-sale developments require you to put down 10% to 20% of the purchase price and the development company holds onto your money until the construction project is completed in some cases this could be up to 4 years.  During this time the development company is making interest on your money, you are not.  

Evest Funds has developed a unique, exciting development model that rewards investors not only with high returns but also with the option to to pre-purchase units in one of the development projects they offer and receive a discount off the purchase price.

The issuer’s management is looking at upcoming projects  in Victoria, Squamish, Mexico and Kelowna.  These projects will be announced when legally permissible.

Let’s use the Promontory project in Kelowna, an example to illustrate the benefits and savings for an investor who pre-purchases a unit.   This issuer’s product is now on Capital Street Group Investment Services Inc.

The Promontory, Uptown Kelowna

An exciting entry level real estate investment project obtained its Development Permit in Kelowna, British Columbia in August 2018.

The Promontory, Uptown Kelowna is a 120 townhouse/stacked townhouse development adjacent the prestigious High Pointe neighbourhood facing Knox Mountain Park.  The townhomes boast a sleek modern design at an entry level price – $299 to $468K.

Home Ownership a Reality

A Limited Partner (LP) who invests a minimum of $25k and purchases a townhouse upon project completion can receive a potential 5% discount off the price on a first come first serve basis.  A savings of $14,950 on the low end $299K units and $23,400 on the high end $468K units.

Here is a hypothetical Investor/Home Buyer Scenario:

  • A couple who invests $25K shall receive a projected Rate of Return (RRI) of 29% per annum*. Which translates in them receiving $14, 500 RRI after 2 years.  $39, 500 of which all can be put towards the purchase price.
  • If they purchase a higher end unit at say $468K, they will receive a 5% discount or $23,400 off the purchase price.
  • Summary being a $468,000 townhouse purchase price – $62,900 (capital investment $25,000 + RRI $14,500 + 5% discount $23,400) = $405,100 remaining purchase price
  • A possible incentive bonus is, first time home buyers can borrow 20K interest free from their RRSP’s through the Canadian Home Buyers Plan and the couple each borrows $20k from their RRSP. They would need a mortgage for the balance – $405,100 remaining purchase price – $40,000 interest free RRSP loan = $365,100.

The more money a Limited Partner invests into the project initially the bigger the overall savings off the town house price.

Please visit for more information on the Promontory real estate development project.


*This disclosure contains forward-looking information that is not complete and complete forward-looking information is included in the Issuer’s current offering memorandum. The forward-looking information are management’s projections based on project planning and analysis using industry accepted assumptions and analysis techniques for the real estate market for Metro Vancouver and the project area in particular. While management believes its assumptions and analysis are valid and reasonable, actual results may vary from the forward-looking information and there are a number of inherent risk factors, such as variability in real estate pricing, prices for construction materials, and government policy that could have a negative impact on the Issuers and could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking information. The Issuers undertake no responsibility to update their forward-looking information. The reader is directed to the Issuer’s current offering memorandum for a more full consideration of the risks,  assumptions and forward-looking information.